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About the Event

In August 2011, the 70th Anniversary of the opening of RAF Harrowbeer was celebrated over the weekend of the 15th & 16th August. This spectacular event was a one-off, with its flying displays from the Royal Naval Historic Flight, RAF Search & Rescue and of course the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

So many people enjoyed that event (about 15,000) that we were bombarded with 'When are you going to do it again?' questions.

The 1940s event is set to run over the same weekend in August and is mainly a ground-based 1940s themed show. This is because of the huge costs involved in arranging flying displays but we don't rule out having them. 

Entrance and parking will always be free at the event as it is not permitted to charge for these on 'common land' which is what the airfield stands on. As there is a considerable cost involved with putting on an event like this, we ask all visitors to show their appreciation by making a donation on the day in one of the many 'buckets' which will be around, or in advance to one of the organising groups. All money raised is spent on the event. 

News & Updates

Aug 2016

Hope to have an FV432 Warrior Armoured Car on site in the Dispersal Bay next to the Spitfire.

BBC Spotlight will be broadcasting from RAF Harrowbeer this evening.

News & Updates

May 16

Robey Trust will be bringing two steam engines and giving trips around the airfield again this year.

Tavistock Ring & Ride minibus will be providing transport for our free guided tour of the airfield.


News & Updates

May 16

Silver Servers will be providing our on-site catering this year.

Miss Memphis Belle will be entertaining us with her delightful singing once again.


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