Frequently Asked Question

Are you having any flying displays in 2017?

Flying displays, in case you didn't know, are very, very expensive. For instance, in 2011, a six-minute display by a privately owned Hawker Hurricane cost over £6,000. The BBMF display with Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster starts at around £5,000! You can get a 'free' flypast from the BBMF but you need to ask a minimum of a year in advance.

We will be asking the BBMF for a display in 2017.

Why don't you charge an entrance fee or car park charge?

The 1940s event takes place with the kind permission of Maristow Estate (who own the Airfield) and is on 'common land'. The rules regarding common land mean we cannot charge for entrance, car parking etc., so everything hinges on the generosity of visitors.

So parking is free but where do I park? 

Car parking is available in the dispersal bays as usual. If approaching from Plymouth or Tavistock, please turn off at the Leg O'Mutton junction and follow our yellow signs. Everyone should head for the Knightstone Tea Rooms entrance where they can gain easy access to the display arena and the free car park. We have also reserved exhibitor car parking here and disabled parking at Knightstone.

Why are the extra Spitfire Experience runs dependant on the weather?

A 27 litre Spitfire engine gets very hot when run up. The radiator/cooling sytem was really designed with the idea that the aircraft would be flying along at around 300 mph and thus lots of cooling through the radiator. When sat stationary on the ground, there is very little cooling effect so if the weather is hot, then the engine takes longer to cool down.