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Trade & Exhibitor Information

If you wish to attend our event, please bear in mind that the event is a celebration of all things 1940. The Committee will vet all applications for their suitability and will reject those that are felt to be inappropriate to the ethos of the 1940s Weekend.

ALL applications MUST have a current PL Insurance certificate attached.

It is not necessary to include an SAE if providing a current email address.

Camping and catering for exhibitors

As an exhibitor/trader, sleeping on site is permitted on the Friday and Saturday nights. If you have already booked in with is, we will be emailing you in due course with the details. There is no running water on site, but a potable water fountain is available nearby and we will endeavour to have a water bowser available. It is imperative that all food waste, recyling and non recycling rubbish is kept separate. We endeavour to provide bins for your use while camping.

If you would like to attend the event, or have any questions about attending then please contact us via the email address on the 'Contact' page.

Our Exhibitors' Guide can be downloaded here: Exhibitors' Guide

Vintage Vehicles

If you own a Vintage/military Vehicle then we would be pleased to see you at our RAF Harrowbeer 1940s Event. The invitation is open to all vehicles which can truly be classed as 'vintage' or 'classic' and although this is a '1940s event' vehicles from the 20s, 30s, 50s and 60s are equally welcome.

If you have a vintage car, tractor, bus, military vehicle or similar then please get in touch or download the application form here.

Although we would love you to stay all weekend, please do feel free to just 'drop by' and stay for a while.

We hope to be able to do 'vehicle run' around local roads in 2017.

Re-Enactor/Living History Displays

Living History displays are becoming more and more popular. Re-enactors in 1940s uniforms and dress all help to create that 1940s 'feel'. Whether singly or in groups, if you would like to come along to our event then please download the application form here.

Note that the unauthorised firing of weapons of any sort is not permitted without the prior consent of the Organisers. We welcome displays of German units and equipment, BUT SS Uniforms are not allowed under any circumstances. Please contact the Organisers if you have a question about this.

We hope to be able to provide a weapons display in 2017.

Other Stalls & Displays

If your group has a display that you think would fit into our event, then please get in touch via the contact page. We are pleased to invite Trade Stalls but they must fit in with the 1940s theme, or be relevant to the ethos of the Event. If you would like to bring your stall to our event then please get in touch as above. If accepted, we will ask you to complete the application form and post/email it to us. There is no pitch fee but we will be asking for a suitable donation to confirm your pitch and that you are coming. Trade Application Form

More information.

Further information on RAF Harrowbeer and the 1940s event not covered under the other headings will appear here.

News & Updates



News & Updates




News & Updates

 September 2017

 Application forms for next year's event will be available during October.


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